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Have shell, will travel. Ureonggaksi in a nutshell

Phylum: Molluscae

Family: Halicidae

Habitat: Varied

Disposition: Gentle, cautious, naive, kind, afflicted by wanderlust

Diet: Omnivorous, prefers rice and spiritus

Description Edit

A type of mamonme resembling a snail, Ureonggaksi were originally a type of herd animal used by minions of a previous demon lord, in fact that of the Dragon King who resided in a fortress beneath the Celabrilassic Ocean, for transporting goods from one location to the next. They were also used to clear the flesh from corpses due to be reanimated as skeletons. Philosophers speculate that the latter in particular led to their transformation into mamonme as the hereditary build up of demonic energies served as a catalyst when the current demon lord miscast her spell. As a result, Ureonggaksi today are a far cry from their predecessors, though some features remain the same.

Ureonggaksi resemble human women from the waist upwards, the only distinguishing features being feelers on their ears, a pair of fully functional secondary eyes on top of their head and a skin color that may differ from the human norm by being slightly more translucent. From the waist down however their body resembles that of a snail, alternating between a flexible section with inner cartilage for support to a muscular foot that extends beyond their shell. Their bodies secrete copious quantities of slime to aid in their travels over inhospitable terrain, though they are capable of regulating the flow to prevent the filthification of their hometowns.

The shell they carry around is their home, yet is not an actual part of their body. Young Ureonggaksi are born without their characteristic whorl and spend a large portion of their childhood learning how to craft it from their slime, demonic energy and mineral rich soil. Due to the infusion of demonic energy during creation, and the interplay of said energy with their own they can attach and detach this structure with ease, turning it into a type of mobile sanctuary. They will occasionally remodel their shell to suit their needs, but try to keep it manageable enough to carry around. Those who are married may decide to treat their shell as a permanent abode, carrying a more petite secondary shell for day to day use. Silkscreening and other techniques allow light and air to enter the shell, though the design varies from person to person and may even be influenced by their husbands.

With regards to demeanor, Ureonggaksi are in essence kind, gentle beings who love to travel. Young ones leave their parents' home at about age 8 and progressively wander further away in search of new lands and a husband. Perhaps due to their descent from herd animals they are somewhat naive, tending to take what people say at face-value. These mamonme are very cautious and will flee to the safety of their shell at the slightest hint of danger. Once inside they will seal the entrance, turning it into a veritable fortress. If attackers persist, the Ureonggaksi might use her demonic energies to cause spiky extrusions to erupt from the shell, rolling it around if all else fails. This is not a preferred method of defense however, as damaged possessions are always a possibility.

Once they find a man they admire, they will offer to accompany him, often alluding to the fact that they would be happy to share his food with him if he has no-one else to share it with. This act is in fact a demonstration of their will to end said man's loneliness and once an Ureonggaksi has found such a male, she will settle down usually conceiving shortly thereafter. As mothers and wives they dote on their families, preferring to lend support to their husbands and expecting them to take the lead. One must remember though, that although these mamonme like to offer support and do enjoy settling down, they never truly lose their desire to travel. As such, there are many families who follow a more nomadic lifestyle, travelling in their humble abode from country to country while their husband sells their wares.

It should be noted that Ureonggaksi, stubbornly refuse to be a burden, and thus they collect excess slime from their bodies and sell it. Due to its beneficial effects on human and mamonme skin it is a valued product, even in regions dominated by the Luminaire. There are two distinct varieties of this gel , a clear form which lacks demonic energy and a viscous purple sort with pink striae laden with their demonic energy. The kind produced can be regulated, though being in or out of the Demon Kingdoms can affect the quantities. While the former variety yields only positive benefits, the latter will turn humans into incubi and Ureonggaksi. As a result great care is taken to provide this potent form to other mamonme and their husbands only. 

Families and Clan Edit

Ureonggaksi enjoy strong family bonds, enjoying the company of their kith and kin. While they may argue among themselves, out of stubbornness or naivete, it takes extreme force for any of them to break the family bond, especially if said family is (part of) a clan. Clans form around one Ureonggaksi who has taken on a mission that may or may not last beyond her years. A noted example of this is the Saerti clan who spent centuries looking for the lost daughter of their founder. Members of such a clan will add the clan name after their own surname, or take it as such when they leave their parental shell. Family and clan meetings are hosted yearly (sometimes more, sometimes less) as a means to strengthen the family bonds, exchange travel stories, hold services for the departed and to welcome new members into their midst.

Adoption Edit

While they do not have a Wendy's instinct to mother everyone, Ureonggaksi do sometimes feel very strongly about people whom they've met. If they trust those people enough, they will invite said folks to the next family gathering and offer to adopt them as a cousin/sister/brother/etc.. Most people who reach this level of trust wouldn't dare refuse at that point, and rumour has it that one clan holds not just several offworlders, but some very powerful people to boot.

Trivia Edit

  • Ureonggaksi might be mostly harmless, but several species of ferocious mamonme like Pirate Minotaurides, Mios and reportedly even Dragons are very wary of them. Even frightened, one might say. If one wants a member of said species to end their lives. Akrufian legends speak of a Slimy Destroyer, the Pie-rate Queen whispered of by sailors is said to be snaily and countless reports exist of a woman with a scaled tail being dragged across the continent by an Ureonggaksi.
  • Some Ureonggaksi are less easily frightened and more adventurous than the norm. If they or those they love are threatened, then they will go berserk, not hesitating to use their fists or shell to end the threat. This may be the reason why some species try to avoid angering any Ureonggaksi.