The home port of all Phantom Ships on Praxis, it is a water-filled cauldron found within the Great Divide where these mysterious Mamonme take time to relax and raise families with their captains. To keep out sea-storms, unwanted visitors and to house as many families as they can there, the whole place is riddled with locks and barriers designed to make a seemingly inhospitable range of rocks a quite beautiful home.

Though there are few buildings, the Ships' Graveyard features intricate networks of docks, piers, drydocks and so forth carved from Sea Crystal. Given the rarity of the mineral outside, visitors to the Ships' Graveyard have to be vouched for by two separate Phantom Ships before they may enter. Even if said visitor is one most unlikely to steal from others. The captains and (adoptive) sons of Phantom Ships have used imported lumber to create a multitude of clubs and playhouses to get together and make merry.

Though their wives frown a little on the practice (in public at least), the captains oft engage in small competitions over whose wife has the most beautiful/fast/unsinkable design on the ship part of her body. If a captain returns home bloodied and/or with blackened eyes his wife will scold him, though she's privately happy that he'd stand up for her so.

Other notable features of the port include a deep Sea Well where until recently The Vault of Ages was housed, a bay where fish are caught after deadly rapids bring them in and the actual graveyard where old Phantom Ships go when they are tired of Praxis to sail away into the unknown. This area is hinted to be an access point to some otherwhere ocean. The mountains surrounding the port are dotted with small farms where humans and other Mamonme live peacefully.