The Sealed Sea

In millennia past, a colossal luminous body is said to have fallen from the heavens and decimated a section of the continent of Calavier, this took place during the Age of Qualms and led to the brief ice age known as "Frost's Grip" or "The Year of Shards". It is believed that only a century after the event, the first Demon Lord made his appearance and as such the incident was largely forgotten. Underwater rivers, Shongororo in more monstrous forms and dwarfs prospecting for minerals, led to the creation of a link between the oceans and the large depression. Today the Sealed Sea is a great salt water sea. Many oceanic mamonme as well as creatures abide in this inland sea which is located within the central regions of the continent Calavier.

The Sealed Sea's Origins

While some scholars debate over just what formed the Sealed Sea, what intrigues them most is the unusual material often found scattered around the region surrounding the Sealed Sea; strange, burned white metal shards warped into all manner of shapes. Cleaned and polished, the material appears like a metal ivory, hence the name "Sealed Sea Ivory". Because of that, many mamonme in the region, largely mer-folk, have these fragments brought to a metalsmith to have them shaped into jewelry, though some simply take the fragments as is. The fragments have no magical or practical value, despite the inherent toughness of the material, in fact, it is said by some scholarly sources that the materials may have withstood twenty-five millennia of weathering with little sign of deterioration of its physical structure. Due to its rarity, and difficulty in shaping, it sees no use beyond trinkets and presents. Some mer-folk believe the material is a sign of good omens and prosperity in a relationship, so it has come to be seen as a symbol of a healthy relationship. Though the true, original purpose of the material may have been far less romantic...

A special thanks to Sierra -116 of MGU for his outstanding origins information.