The River of Tears

A river located within the Demon Kingdoms. Running through the lower regions, the mouth is located along the southern coast of this region and a short distance north of the villa owned by Seretique vi Alloriel. When the Demon Lord Seretique vi Alloriel first cast the Grand Changing, monsters (now known as mamonme) eagerly grabbed husbands to ravish with their amorous intentions. There was a problem however, the mamonme race was still young and had no appreciation for their own strength, as such most husbands did not live as long as they intended, much to the heartbreak of those who had finally found what they thought to be their own sliver of Heaven.

It is not clear who was the first, but mamonme who had experienced this loss began to mourn their loved ones at the side of this river, their tears contaminating it with their energies. As time went by, mamonme learnt how to control their strength and husbands lived till an old age before passing on. This however brought about a new issue, mamonme oft outlived their partners, or could not follow their departed spouse to Heaven due to the then negative relationship between Seretique and the Celestial Host. 

Nowadays however, with the improvement in relations between Heaven and the mamonme people, the Principal God Eiraiha's blessing of the "Rite of Soul Cleaving" and most recently, the admittance of mamonme to Heaven, the cases in which a pilgrimage has been made have decreased dramatically. There are however small shrines and chapels interspersed at points along the river's banks for those who have committed deeds they are ashamed of.