Spume of Creation

A term used by mamonme to express extreme disgust for a being. This term can be applied to human males, females and even mamonme themselves. Spume of Creation is not a term which is taken or used lightly, thieves who steal because they have no other way to survive are not considered Spume of Creation, those who have harmed someone unintentionally and even an army following orders which might cause sorrow, are not considered Spume of Creation either. Those however who willfully plot to bring about the demise of someone, murder, steal from or trick families into parting with their valuables for the sheer pleasure of watching them fall into misery, are those who would be the recipients of this title.

An example of a person given this negative epithet would be a certain woman married to a wealthy husband in an undisclosed city. Her sole pleasure in life was to charm young men into courting her, she would play the kindest, most interesting woman around and would eventually even share a bed with her intended mark. This however was all for one purpose, to destroy the individual when on their next meeting she would introduce her husband and claim she had been assaulted by said individual. The pleasure she would gain from the horror on the young men's faces was the real reason she went about these activities. Such behaviour is the type which would get one labelled as Spume of Creation.