The Electrum Paradise, the Unexplored Land, the True's Rest. All names used to describe New Heaven, a realm taking shape in the dimensional Aether where once Old Heaven was.

History Edit

When Eiraiha and Antimony left Outer Hill and aided Teli-li and her mate Farstan, her grandfather gifted her a home, for when she'd need it. Later, after the destruction of Old Heaven, Teli-li's sister Telik-li came to the newly re-appointed Principal Goddess and told her how to make use of the gift.

Over the course of several months the world-egg grew until it burst open and started spreading new lands, seas and skies. Souls of all the dead gathered there affirming the position of New Heaven as the destination of kindly souls.

Topography and special points of interest Edit

New Heaven is still expanding, but so far it has sprouted meadows, lakes, mountains, deserts and forests. All gorgeously beautiful. Those still living who have taken up residence there notice that they do not age and their rate of healing is much increased.

More to be added later.