This term is the title which replaced that of Demon Lord sans the tainted demon energy once found in mamonme.  After the cleansing of the taint in demon energy, mamonme were now possessed of a neutral energy which while not making a human's energy purer, did not taint a human's energy either.  As a result mamonme began to feel the title Demon Lord, was not a good designation for the head of a now largely neutral race.  As such, and after much discussion the title "Matrika"(The Mother) Beluaine(Nubile) was chosen as a suitable alternative.  Matrika Beluaine or "The Nubile Mother" quickly caught on across all of mamonmekind and is oft shortened by mamonme to simply "The Mother" or "Matrika"

 Trivia Edit

  • Matrika is in fact derived from the Hindi term which means the mother or mother goddess. It can be found in the Kamadhenu Tantra particularly in chapters seven and eight.
  • The baby name is also used today [1]
  • Matrika was also chosen for the fact that they can be quite dangerous and powerful [2]