An old god who has held the position of the God of War since the end of the Age of Dreams. Though his origins are debated, there's no denying that for a long time Old Heaven's war policies were heavily influenced by him. When the previous Principal God had been forced to step down, following his attempt to wipe out humanity after a spat with a human woman, both he and Demara ran for office. Although he was for a long time the poll favourite among the more conservative elements in Heaven, Demara gave him fierce competition.

This, and other considerations made him want to have her on board post-elections in a high office. Sadly enough this was not to be. After his spectacular and lethal failure to destroy a meteor, which killed many bystanders including Demara, he lost the election to Eiraiha. During her initially less than successful run as Principal Goddess his resentment built into an almost unreasoning hatred, boiling over when she befriended Clover and Alyssum.

Whereas she sought to restore Praxis, he began to influence councillors and corrupting the Luminaire, culminating in The Great War eventually. His loss triggered a cataclysmic chain of events, causing him to regress to a more primal form, which upon defeat by Balase served as a conduit for Hellspawn he was charged with containing. Post-mortem though he came to his senses and sacrificed his soul to destroy the deadly mass of Old Heaven that was plunging towards Praxis at the time.

His memory is still honoured in the northern Palachian territories where he once was a patron deity. Lady Eiraiha herself saw to it that knowledge of his sacrifice would be made known to balance the tales of his madness.