Phylum Majin

Habitat: Human Settlements, cities, towns

Disposition: Gentle, loving, just, conflicted, "Possibly strong-willed."

Diet: Human Food, Spiritus


Appearing as youthful teenage girls, Magical Girls were once human girls until being offered the chance to gain magical powers necessary to fight against the Demon Lord's minions. In exchange for this request, consenters would also have their greatest desire fulfilled for them. This however is merely a deception perpetuated by the Demon Lord's daughter Lokaelei as the "Demon Lord's minions" are nothing more than her own dissenters.

The range of Magical Girl types is wide and varied, their appearance and abilities being governed by their interests and their hearts. For this reason, no two Magical Girls look alike, the "magical powers" granted to them are in fact merely demon energy and the change from human to majin does not take long to manifest. Yet another unknown side effect is that Magical Girls find themselves caught in constant conflict between their desires and those warped by demonic energy. If a magical girl gives in to the demon energy inspired thoughts she will become a Sorceress, this transformation is usually brought on by depression, dejection or even lasciviousness. A Magical Girl may develop these emotions due to rejection by a love interest, learning the truth about their benefactor or simply by losing control of their behaviour in favour of lust. Magical Girls first appeared during the period known as "The Time of Upheavals" as increasing numbers of mamono turned against the Demon Lord. 

Magical girls rely on human foods in general, but once they find a male they like, they will also partake in consummations of their love, gaining spirit energy through kisses, embraces and more. These beings are secretive about their natures, often living with their family members who may never known that their daughter has changed until the day they go on a big mission. A subtle charm magic exuded from their bodies will make their family accept that their child will be performing such missions. A strong-willed Magical Girl can remain a Magical Girl for the rest of her days, even after learning the truth of her situation, these girls will go on to challenge the Demon Lord herself.