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Lichen are convinced that they are plant mamonme

Phylum: Ascomycotae

Family: Xanthoratae

Genus: Lichen

Habitat: Mountains, forests, villages, towns, plains and arid lands.

Disposition: Lustful, devoted, stubborn, friendly, loving

Diet: Spiritus, water, minerals, Yoghurt if available

Description Edit

A mamonme comprised of an Algae and Fungi working together in a symbiotic relationship, these beings were originally formed when Demon Energy came into contact with lichen growing within the Demon Kingdoms. Since their creation, lichen have since spread beyond the Demon Kingdoms often becoming pioneers in their own right.

Lichen in the wilderness begin their life attached to a surface by rhizinae found at the base of their legs as their body develops to its coming of age stage. As they come of age, they break free from their support, ripping their rhizinae and leaving their feet looking somewhat deformed. This act is dubbed "Tearing" amongst lichenkind. It must be mentioned that there are many lichen who break their rhizinae before this stage which is why some particularly youthful lichen have also been encountered. Once free from her support a lichen will begin her search for a potential mate which may often lead to journeys both far and wide. Lichen are often referred to as "The Great Adaptors" due to their ability to adapt to and tolerate any environment. As a result, lichen often refer to themselves proudly as superior plants, despite the fact that they are not truly plants (as a side note, it is strongly advised not to point this out in front of them).

Lichen are extremely friendly, perhaps even more so than most mamonme, however perhaps due to their indomitable ability to survive in almost any environment they are extremely stubborn, particularly when trying to get their point across to another being. It can be said that this is evidenced by their reliance on circular logic for the majority of their discussions. Another point which must be mentioned, lichen have an extreme complex regarding the appearance of their feet and it is suggested that insults regarding this sore point be left well alone.

When a lichen in the wilderness has located a potential partner it is common for her to make use of her ability to rapidly produce witch moss to tangle and eventually capture a potential mate. Once capture is successful, she will attempt seduction in a bid to form a bond with said human. Due to her circular logic, a male will often eventually give in to her charms which may lead to a simple kiss or more. Lichen are one of the few mamonme species who are capable of both sexual and asexual reproduction depending on the situation. When bereft of a partner lichen will reproduce asexually mostly to appease their loneliness, thus in some cases a partner may automatically acquire a daughter along with his new wife. Once a lichen has found a husband however, she will switch to sexual reproduction. 

In this case, the fungal side of a lichen will produce an ovum which is really more spore than ovum. The spore will then encounter the algal component of her body which will complete her ovum. Once fertilized, the ovum travels to her womb and forms rhizinae which anchor the developing lichen to her womb until birth.

One more issue that must be noted is once again a lichen's complex regarding the appearance of her feet, this complex goes both ways. Although lichen are incredibly embarrassed about the appearance of their feet, a partner treating their feet as if they were a precious treasure can drive a lichen wild, often leading to powerful lustful reactions. 

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