The cutest Pie-rate queen ever.

The youngest daughter borne by Miho and Henry Humblestone-Saerti. Promised wife of Perry and Pie-rate Queen of Praxis. Also, younger sister to Chichi and older sister to Metala. Cousin to Rukia and Emmy Wayfarer.

A sweet Ureonggaksi girl, but she has some separation anxiety over Perry and will go berserk if someone threatens those she cares about. She's definitely less shy than is the norm for Ureonggaksi.

Little Lena Edit

When Lena was first introduced in 'Taking Chances', she was a two year old little Ureonggaksi and quite shy. Her favourite toy was Par-rite, a parrot doll made by her mother that gained a Tsukomogami soul thanks to her love for him. It is speculated that this, the parrot dress and her favourite Pie-rate hat (all made by Miho) have led to her fascination with the sea and the fun style of pirating, essentially seeing new lands and finding treasure there while having grand adventures.

During this time her family met Kaori and Damast, who would later take the Wayfarer surname. When the families decided to adopt each other she was more than happy to accept her new uncle and aunt. The further events in 'Taking Chances' saw the death and resurrection of Par-rite as Perry, but the loss has left a bit of a scar on Lena's psyche. She is extremely protective of those she loves. She also became the somewhat self-proclaimed Pie-rate Queen of Praxis.

Big sister Lena Edit

Lena and Perry discovered an orphaned Metala and brought her into the family, since Damast and Kaori had also been blessed with Rukia Lena took it upon herself to act the part of big sister more and more. This hasn't stopped her Pie-rate antics though and she loves leading her younger relatives around on grand adventures. Even her adopted aunty Eihy was outfitted with a Pie-rate hat that has caused more than a little stir. Edit

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