An Azeban Danuki merchant from the Infinite Kingdoms' main country of T'ang Shen originally, raised by human grandparents (her gran has since changed into an Ureonggaksi) and being on good terms with many folks there. She set out to discover the lands where her grandparents met and by happy chance met her husband Damast there.

After a slew of unsual adventures, she gained a sister and had her first child, Rukia. Later, she adopted Emmy. Her daughters are a source of maternal pride for her, if also a source of worry. She remains adamant in training herself in her chosen martial arts. 

Under Eiraiha's administration she works as an economic auditor, councillor and analyst. Though relatively weak in body compared to other mamonme, she has a glare when angry that intimidates even the most lippy of the Gods. 

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