Jackrum Boots is something of an enigma, despite looking more like a barbarian berserker he is one of the foremost enginerical geniusses alive on Praxis today. Due to events chronicled in 'Redemption: One Must Fall' he has become the captain of Nautillia, her husband in other words.

His physical appearance is rather broad, stocky and muscular with a heavy amount of bodily hair, wild curling hair and a beard that is bisected by a jagged scar. It is however his mind that warrants a more detailed description. Of an early age Jackrum has been fascinated by engineering and though apprenticed to a famous architect he spent much of his youth exploring the ruins beneath Gravelhold. What he found in there were several technological marvels including a metal ship and an extending bridge that he reverse-engineered into the extending pier that graces the port city.

An electrical shock scarred him and made his appearance so fearsome that he did not marry at a usual age. Unconcerned with species he was one of the first to employ aquatic Mamonme and Merfolk as well as one of the driving forces behind the inter-city pirate-hunter project. When he finally restored Nautillia to working order she agreed to help the town, but in return for his hand in marriage. Since then he has been like a child in a candy store as her body has yielded several (albeit small) technological marvels that he has since brought home to his apprentices.

Currently, he and Nautillia also run a submarine excursion service which they tested with the help of Balase Stock-LaMont and her husband. When lost in thought he tends to look like a broody seagull.