Phylum Reptilia, Family Serpentes, Genus Lamia, Sub-Genus Hydra Habitat: Secluded, warm valleys Disposition: Changeable, fiery, passionate, jealous, argumentative (with themselves).  Diet: Meat and Spiritus

A rare monster belonging to a sub-genus of the Lamia genus. It is well known that members of the Lamia family of mamonme are strictly monogamous by nature. There are however rare cases in which two or three Lamia friends or sisters may fall in love with the same male. An event like this is serious as neither woman is capable of letting go of the male or her friendship. In this situation the aforementioned parties may perform a "Rite of Conjoining." The Rite of Conjoining is a ceremony in which the energies of the mamonme in question mix and merge, and the result is a Hydra.

A Hydra resembles a very large, fat snake, though where her serpentine coils begin, her body splits into the separate bodies of the friends/sisters in question. Hydra themselves are strictly monogamous allowing no mamonme outside of her/themselves to touch or be intimate with her/their male. The separate personalities of the Hydra often argue or heckle each other for superiority, however in the end they will usually agree to each other's requests.

Hydra are tough when faced in battles with people who threaten their/her husband and cutting off the body of one of the personalities will cause twin personalities to be born. For this reason Hydra usually live in seclusion with their husband in the hopes of staying out of such battles.