During the Renaissance, friction arose between Celestials (mainly conservative Gods) and Mamonme about entry into New Heaven. Old Heaven had been the natural home of the Celestials, while virtuous humans, alva and dwarves had been invited in on occasion. Mamonme however had never been allowed in and their monstrous ancestry (perceived, in some cases) made these Celestials wary. While Eiraiha privately if loudly advocated the entry of Mamonme into New Heaven, she had to remain impartial as Principal Goddess. Hence, Myrrias the Goddess of Spice was tasked with convincing those reluctant of the need for opening the doors to all of virtue. While it may seem strange that a goddess who embodied spice was responsible for such a profound and important task, it is well known that she had always advocated for equality between mamonme and the other races. As such it she would be able to operate with Eiraiha's blessing, without the other denizens of Heaven claiming that Eiraiha was Herself involved.

To prevent losing the heroes of the Nameless War, virtuous but humble rebuilders and others she had come to treasure, lady Eiraiha devised the Haletide Blessing which prolonged human and mamonme lives by threefold or more and thereby they would survive the time it would take for Myrrias and her diplomats to sway the vote. While this appeared to merely be a blessing, it was in fact a method of putting pressure on those vying for a continuation of the status quo. Even New Heaven required an inflow of souls and by denying this vital need, the combined efforts of Myrrias and Eiraiha finally brought about the inclusion of mamonme and incubi-kind after a mere three hundred years.

Before the blessing was bestowed en masse, it was thoroughly tested under the watchful scrutiny of Balase and her medical staff.