Fernal Lake is accounted as one of the most beautiful lakes within the Demon Kingdom, located within the borders of the Gravsborough fief and is one of the most prized home locations for Kaaiman and Lake Dancer mamonme. Fishing with hooks and nets in its waters is not allowed, but the mamonme within the lake do maintain fish farms to provide themselves and landlocked neighbours with sustenance.

A closer look Edit

Fernal Lake is divided into several districts, reserves and passageways. Some areas are off-limits to both natives and visitors due to hazards present there or due to a fragile point in the ecology. One has to take into account the fact that the lake is in truth a three-dimensional environment with different areas marked at different depths.

Dancer's Rest Edit

Located in a slightly secluded arm of the lake, this quiet town is home to most of the Lake Dancers in the area. Their floating homes are moored here during storms, even if some families do take to traversing the lake every few months. It is also home to an academy of the arts for dancing.

Sunset Lovers Pleasaunce Edit

Actually located at the shores of the lake is an ornamental garden where Aluraune and Lichen welcome couples and singles to partake in an incredibly romantic event: watching the sunset and the effect it has on the lake itself. While the waters are a deep blue-green during the day, at sunset the light turns the waters into a beautiful panorama of colours. At night, a slight pink glow suffuses the waters and illuminates those that would spend the night in the pleasaunce.

Trickster's Lagune Edit

Home of the lake's largest Kaaiman population. They and their husbands come here to raise children, exchange new tricks, watch shows and simply enjoy themselves. Despite the name, this is actually one place where visitors are less likely to be targeted by illusions and other pranks.

The Blue Between Edit

The first layer below the surface is open to all visitors, though areas near the coast are used to farm edible waterplants. It is comparable to a public swimming pool and thus carnal activities are frowned upon due to the effects they have on the clarity of the water.