The 'hero' of Trading Tales and Taking Chances, husband to Kaori and father of Rukia and Emmy. A wandering merchant originally, his insightfulness, wisdom and gentle personality made him one of the most eligible bachelors of Ithus until he fell in love with Kaori. That their adventures would one day mean that their daughter would have literal godmothers such as Eiraiha, Clover and Sassha, or that his sister in law would be from another world was not something he expected. Under the circumstances he's borne up well to these changes.

Role after the onset of the Renaissance Edit

Though Damast still yearns to travel on the road and meet new people, he has settled in well in Mistburg from where he tries to help Eiraiha's cause by improving Praxis' economic and social structures. Kaori might do most of the calculations, but Damast is in general the one who goes out to meet people they consider investing in.

Relationships Edit

He's devoted to Kaori as her husband and to their children as father. Henry is his best friend on Praxis and he treats Miho like a sister. The rest of the extended family know they can depend on him, thoroughly.

Trivia Edit

He's suspected of being a shoe-fetishist by the inhabitants of Mistburg on account of wearing a new pair frequently. The truth however is that Emmy does not like it when he sits down too much and then makes off with at least one of his shoes. Given that she's a Celestial with monstrous stamina, he rarely catches her and the area around the family Shell is littered with buried shoes.