Phylum Hominbesti Family Lyciaeses

Habitat: Wilderness regions, rural communities, villages

Disposition: Caring, loving, curious, temperamental, sharp tongued 

Diet: Spiritus, human foodstuffs and greenery

Description Edit

A mamonme which resembles a woman with the horns and ears of a goat, the legs of a lion, arms of a dragon and a serpentine tail.

In the distant past, a species of monster roamed the wilderness regions of the world. Possessed of the body and heads of a female lion, a female goat, the back of a dragon and tail of a snake, these monstrosities were feared by all for their gouts of fire and poisonous breath, and were infamous as an omen of calamity. During the the great civil war or “The Crimson Cleansing” which swept through all of monster-kind, it was believed that all of the chimaeras had been wiped out. However this was not the case, their residual demon energy still remained and during the “Grand Changing” underwent some peculiar readjustments. Today the energy of chimaeras mostly influences those of the Capra genus, namely goats.

Chimaera today oft have a shapely body and it appears that their fiery breath has been exchanged for hair the hue of a great inferno. They also exhibit varying features across their forms, from a serpentine tail, to caprine ears and horns. Their legs and claws are that of a powerful lion while their arms would seem more at place on a dragon. They more often than not clothe themselves in a simple skirt, however on their bosom they wear a particularly elaborate breastplate over a simple fabric.

These mamonme are also women of many faces. When searching for a husband or even going about their daily lives they may seem to be the most caring mamonme in the world, their soft natures oft making them extremely approachable, however this is only one of their faces. Those who have found a husband will be extremely loving and caring to their partner and his family, anyone outside their clique though will be treated to a venomous sharp tongue and a fiery temper. In fact the mamonme are so good at hiding some sides of their personality, that a husband will never dream that the tales of his wife’s infamy are in fact the truth.

We must also add that one Liccitia La Mont was on the receiving end of a chimaera’s bad temper a few weeks before her transition to that of celestial. She left with a black eye, something the chimaera’s husband would never imagine possible from his new wife.

In matters of a more carnal nature, signs of a chimaera’s true nature often become apparent as many have a particularly crude or foul mouth when partaking of the pleasures of coitus. They are known to describe and emphasise every action taking place shamelessly, completely the opposite to their behaviour during their everyday lives.