"Before reading this book please note that in no way it claims that all mammone and celestial appear as those depicted within its covers.

All entities within this volume are willing participants who allowed us to capture their appearance for the purpose of providing an example of the possible characteristics of the members of their respective species or group.

As such, the variety of both 'mammone and 'celestials is vast with no two individuals appearing alike. Please note that features such as skin tones, hair and fur/scale hue are dependant on environmental factors such as climate and location, and so are inherited traits from the Sub-genus and Family of each species."

~Praxis Compendium Foreword


Profiles attempt to provide a basic and general description of the creatures that used to prey on humans -and other similar species-, but after the great Changing turned into mostly civilizased entities. The aim of said profiles is to document the changes occured to these "mamonme" and allow willing Humans to cease fearing them and awaken more positive feelings instead. Celestials and other non-mamonme species (i.e Fae, Alvae, Jottum, Dwarves, Merfolk and Nagae) are described as well for the sake of a better integration through knowledge and proper understanding.


Started out as a joint work in the Land of the Gentle Flame between the first mammone school of the then Priestess Clover Meadlowry and some Human defectors from the Luminaires, with the blessing of the Goddess Eiraha

More to come.

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