Mamonme are the (usually alive) female humanoid monsters that replaced the traditional human-eating beings of yore. This occurred when the monsters themselves had evolved to a point where many did not wish to kill humans any longer. A succubus by name of Deluriha Meludrae used this to her advantage and led a sweeping civil war amongst monster kind which eventually wiped out all of those against co-existence with humans. When she finally showed up before the Demon Lord, she failed in her attempt to assassinate him leading to a young Seretique vi Alloriel finishing the job and becoming the Demon Lord herself. Using sorcery she, with the help of the chiefs of most of monster kind cast a grand spell which would change all of monster kind so that they could look better and as such integrate better with humanity. The spell failed, or rather, brought about unintended consequences, leading to mamonme as they are today. Their counterparts are the Celestials, Dwarfs, Taint Pledged and the Fae. Though temperaments vary, many of them are willing to integrate into human society.

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