Magic or Magique as some like to refer to it, is a force which allows one to harness the elements of nature, the ethereal and even that of perception. It is available to practitioners of all peoples, be they human, mamonme, fae and to either gender; male or female.

It has been hypothesized that there are great currents of energy which weave across and throughout the world. These currents are referred to as "Telluraene Flows" and are said to be the basis of magic. Telluraene energy is said to be neither positive nor negative, it simply feeds through the firmament, somewhat ensuring that all functions appropriately.

Those who make use of magic in fact use their Spiritus or Demon Energy depending on whether they are mamonme or any of the remaining original races, to bend Telluraene energy to their will. Often the amount of Spiritus or Demon Energy available determines how powerful the manifestation of said magic will be. Women, mostly due to the fact that mamonme are not drawn to their form of Spiritus are said to have the highest amount of usable Spiritus available, hence mages or magi are predominantly women. 

We must make mention however of the price of magic, for there is an old adage; 'All magic always comes at a price.' One must remember that the power of magic itself has no price, however it is not free either. This however applies chiefly to magic which influences the actual fabric of reality and the world leaving lasting changes. This use of magic is usually the kind used to have wishes granted, or is employed through sorcery. As such let us determine the difference between elemental magic, magic of perception and sorcery. 

Elemental magic can be expounded as a simple mathematical equation, the equation brings about a specific result be it fire, lightning strikes, etcetera. On the other hand magic of perception is simply a deception, something of a stage show, or a sleight of hand, though brought about via magic. This ability is innate to Kaaiman and as such can be easily controlled. While it may seem as if reality has been altered, the effects may only be experienced within the field of the illusion and the magic does not leave lasting changes on reality itself. Sorcery and magic used to bring about lasting change however is far more complex. There are many variables that have to be taken into account, as not fully comprehending and clearly stating one's intentions or desires could possibly allow energy to take the path of least resistance and bring about unexpected side-effects and consequences. This is in fact the very reason why all mamonme are mamonme or monster maidens.

Technology such as magical jewels tend to have runes etched into their depths which when charged, perform a similar task to that which practitioners perform when casting magic. They are oft created by magi of mamonme, human and fae heritage. This can be used to power heat-braces, provide lighting in the case of glow jewels or perform a variety of other functions. As the charge imbued into the jewel fades so will the magic provided by the gem. As such jewels can be pricey as they require regular replacement.

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