This spell is a standard one for all who study magic in both Old- and New Heaven. It allows the caster to call forth the target's soul as an orb of various lights from their body, putting the latter in stasis. So can a soul share every memory without being hindered by bodily concerns. Gods and Goddesses can communicate with the souls non-verbally, though lesser Celestials and Mamonme in general do not share this ability.

The colours within the soul orb show the person's specific weal, virtues and sins appearing as different smears of colour. This communication cannot last very long though, even if rumours suggest previous Principal Gods and Goddesses could and sometimes did keep souls in this state for several days. Ostensibly to prevent them from interfering in a battle or other event.

Naturally, it does not work on spirit Mamonme and sufficiently powerful people can resist the call, if not indefinitely.