Phylum Hominbesti, Family Muradae

Habitat: Farming Communities, Countryside

Disposition: Gentle, industrious, friendly.

Diet: Seeds, Grains, human foodstuffs, Spiritus


A type of mamonme that resembles a mouse.

Dwelling in and around farmlands and unclaimed wilderness areas, C'try Mice are a well known and liked species of mamonme, with many humans in both friendly and neutral states often allowing them to live in their communities due to their positive reputation.

C'try Mice live a relatively simple life, their homes are usually simple, rustic cottages with a master bedroom, galley kitchen, spare bedroom and lounge. They enjoy watching the sun rise, exploring the countryside and many other activities. As far as these mamonme are concerned a peaceful life is far better than a fearful one.

As mentioned before, C'try Mice are usually welcomed into farming communities. They are industrious and provide support as both harvesters and those who store that which has been harvested. Their crop of choice ranges from various nuts to berries and grains of all manner. They are a friendly group who are grateful for what they have, and only wish to be treated equitably in the community and to be afforded the possibility of finding a potential husband within the locale.

Unlike most mamonme, C'try Mice will not deign to go near a city. Perhaps as previously stated it is their desire for a peaceful life, however what is clear is that these mamonme live exclusively in rural areas, avoiding the hustle and bustle of life in the city entirely.

With regards to their diet, these mamonme are omnivorous, feeding on human foods as well as grains, nuts and berries. In fact, one of the reasons C'try Mice join communities is to gain a portion of the crop suitable for their survival. While these mamonme do enjoy regular foods, they also enjoy Spiritus gained from their partner.

A C'try Mouse who has acquired a husband will expect said male to help her in the fields, returning to their home together for an evening of relaxation and pleasure. As a C'try Mouse's family grows in size, her daughters will leave to form or join new communities in the hopes of finding their own mate. As such, they can be found all over the world in many areas.

We must also mention that there is an old children's song regarding these mamonme, that song is "The three blind mice". This song tells the story of three beautiful C'try Mice who were interested in a partner who had married a human woman, much to their displeasure. Taunting the human woman relentlessly, they were blind to her increasing anger until eventually she grabbed her knife and cut off all three of their pony tails, the shocked maidens tumbled over each other scrambling to escape. This song is used as a fable to teach young C'try Mice to treat those around them and their communities with respect.