Bloodhorn faun by Jelwood

Lust through power

Phylum: Hominbesti

Family: Caprinae

Habitat: Limbo

Disposition: Lustful, mischievous, gentle

Diet: Spiritus

Description Edit

Bloodhorns differ from regular fauns in that they have goat-like traits instead of the regular deer ones. Their name comes from their curved, gnarled horns that take a bright red colour as the faun matures. Bloodhorns have mean, violent personalities and continuously seek fights. They revere brute force above everything and feel an absolute contempt for weakness of any kind. They will show no mercy to men who can't hold their ground on a fight and are capable of acts of excessive brutality against humans and monsters alike.

Because they believe strength should be savage and unrestrained they loathe principles like chivalry, and will often try their hardest to sway knights into a path of barbarism. Despite their violent natures they are exceedingly good at seducing men and have no qualms in offering their bodies in order to corrupt righteous warriors, feeling a great pleasure whenever a human their have chosen falls into their way of life. Bloodhorns are also extremely lascivious and enjoy all sort of lewd acts, and will even encourage their husbands to ravish them in public places where everyone may see.

Although a Bloodhorn will only belong to one man it is possible for a particularly strong man to gather several of them as wives. Said men are given the title of Horned Lords and his wives and children become his herd. Horned Lords with herds large enough can often sack whole villages and cause all sorts of mayhem. Within the herd there is an strict hierarchy based on strength, and the strongest Bloodhorn will become the Alpha wife and the one with the right to be bear children first.

In general they dislike wearing clothes, as they know their bodies are both a distraction and a way to seduce men, however they are fascinated by human inventions such as metal armour and weapons. While they normally carry crude wooden clubs and even large bones as weapons they will never waste a chance to get steel weapons and armour, and will happily wear whatever parts they manage to scavenge. Some are known to even get revealing suits of armour tailor-made for them when they can find (and force) a blacksmith to craft one.

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