Liccitia LaMont, one of the first Baphomets to visit Praxis along with her Granny Balase Stock-LaMont. Later involuntarily changed to a Mahoumet

Baphomet (Beast family, magic type)

Habitat: Strongholds of their own making, progressive cities and towns Disposition: Thoughtful, mischievous, in touch with their inner child, varied Diet: Omnivore, loves Spiritus

Natural born leaders who served previous Demon Lords as generals and confidants. In today's world they are the guardians of Ithus, running magic schools at their Sabbath chapters and springing into action when needed to deal with threats that 'normal' heroes cannot deal with, such as Sealed Ones. Due to their intimate connection with Saressha lo Masu they are somewhat vulnerable to the mutagenic effects of today's Arthis, resulting in... 'interesting' fads for things that normally would not be associated with them. They still tend to prefer changing women to a smaller form, but the compulsory factor has receded.

Though they appear as small girls, Baphomets are incredibly strong, only being limited in that area by their smaller stature. As for husbands, their preferences vary, but most go for a man with enough brains to understand their goals and ideals. Ideally, he'll be a reliable, loving husband who will be there for her always. Due to their incredible lifespan it is not uncommon for one to commit themselves to a century of research, interspersed frequently with some lovemaking.