An Azure Slime posing

Phylum Meliae

Family Slime

Genus Azure Slime

Habitat: Rivers, wilderness, forests, marshlands, towns, fields

Disposition: simple, naive, persistent

Diet: Omnivorous, human sweat and other liquids, Spiritus, sources of protein such as eggs.

Description Edit

Azure Slimes are a type of mamonme which resemble a thick, blue viscous liquid. They are born from clean marshes and lakes and roam the fields and countryside in search of food and spiritus. 

In the distant past slimes on the whole were used as a mobile trap in dungeons and caverns found deep within the Demon Kingdoms and other regions. In fact due to their sticky surface they would often capture and feed on warriors, thieves and other intruders careless enough to find themselves within their gummy embrace. A day would come however when the first slime would venture outside the dank familiar passages they knew instinctively as home and emerged to feel the warm clean air outside. It is not clear whether it was the influx of sunshine or the flood of new sensations which were a catalyst, but slimes rapidly developed a limited sentience which told them to seek out a new home.

Nowadays as mentioned previously, Azure Slimes, are the descendants of their progenitors the slimes and are engendered from the cool crystalline waters of lakes and marshes. While previously they may have had merely limited sentience, they are now possessed of a simple, naive demeanour regarding the activities from which they gain sustenance and can communicate with and understand the common tongue... even if haltingly at that. Azure Slimes often speak in an innocent manner, repeatedly referring to themselves in the third person and coming across as seeming extremely youthful and perhaps a little air-headed.

As was touched upon before, Azure Slimes are very naive about the actions which net them the best sustenance from their prospective sources and often deem it as a simple, pleasurable act for both partners. However this is very different when a human actively approaches an Azure seeking friendship and offering Spiritus willingly. Such actions will lead an Azure Slime to stay around or near to said male and a platonic friendship will begin to develop. As the relationship develops further, thoughts will begin to focus more and more on an intrinsic desire found within all those of the phylum Meliae, as well as in mamonmekind on the whole. 

Marriage for an Azure is known as "attachment" and is the single most important term to their kind. Not only does this state symbolise their union with their important person, but it also means an increase in mental and emotional capacity. Typically Spiritus is used to keep their kind in good health and is also used for reproduction, however a fixed, stable source allows an Azure to use its benefits in other areas. As such, the more Spiritus an Azure acquires, the greater her mental capacity becomes, thus, while they will never become the brightest glow jewels around, they do become much smarter and also learn to express important emotions as a result. In the past it was believed that Azures were lowly, non-sentient beings incapable of feelings or reasoning, to this day Garnet Slimes still frown upon their azure sisters disdainfully regardless of the truth behind their natures.

Sadly Azure Slimes, due to their inherent naiveness regarding acts of a more carnal nature, are sometimes subject to acts of deception from males attempting to steal them from their partners. As an Azure does not necessarily perceive these acts as being a betrayal it has led to painful experiences for their kind, in particular the real pain oft occurs when an Azure realises the meaning of the act she has committed. It is in cases such as these that the term "crying apart" (mentioned in another of our series) takes place if the partner has been lost permanently as a result. No Azure will ever give up her partner for another, and will relentlessly pursue her beloved in an attempt to regain what she has lost. In fact, Azures will go to great lengths to prove their remorse for their actions and will attempt to attest their desire to be faithful through oft life-threatening actions.

It must be mentioned that referring to an Azure or any of the phylum Meliae as scum is an extremely offensive act, this is due to the implication that their marsh of birth was especially foul or soiled. One of perhaps the most hurtful reactions towards an Azure is terror over being digested and eaten. Azures learn from an early age to control and shift their digestive capabilities to areas where the action is required, thus hearing said words are considered particularly biased.

In conclusion, day to day life with an Azure is believed to be extremely relaxed, with the Azure providing both a pleasant platonic and coital relationship to the one she has chosen. It is said that an Azure Slime's greatest pleasure is to find a calm, peaceful, warm place in which to form something of a bed for her partner so that she may wrap herself around him in a tight embrace. Azures particularly enjoy being told about how cute or clever they are. Due to their ability to assimilate and adapt their forms, many often ingest large quantities of pine sap, jasmine, or any other fragrant flowers or herbs to enhance their scent. 

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