The closest of the moons of Praxis and the largest, her name means beautiful one. Aillaeah was once the home of the Lunar Bunnies or Tsuki no Usako, a race of snowy white, semi-humanoid rabbits which lived on her surface. Their race had been on par with humans in terms of technology during the Age of Marvels and had frequently sent envoys to the surface to communicate with their neighbours.

At the end of the Age of Marvels, during the Piercing of Heaven's Pearl, the backlash from the energy released to defeat the abomination raging on Praxis destroyed the atmosphere of the moon, forcing the Lunar Bunnies to evacuate to the firmament itself. Nowadays Aillaeah's face bears an easily recognisable feature; a massive series of craters simply referred to as the Eye of the Moon or Aillaeah's Eye. This prominence is a testament to the raw devastation wreaked upon the lunar surface and is to this day studied by those with access to telescopic instruments.