The Age of Marvels is one that has formed a mythology of its own. It is said that during this period the civilisations of humans, alva, fae, dwarfs, naga and the merfolk stretched across the length and breadth of the world. Ruins found across Palachia, Aggassizum, Laramies, Mirovaea, Calavier, Kita and Minami Akrufia most definitely lend credence to this belief and continue to fascinate those who discover them. From that which can be gathered from the interior of these ancient edifices, life during this period was particularly serene, it appears one did not have to worry about storage of foodstuffs, cleaning one's home or even any of the other more serious issues plaguing mankind today.

It is believed that much of this life was thanks to the efforts of the Goddess Athena who was Principal God at the time. Numerous technological and magical inventions were made during this age and though their usefulness is not always immediate, they keep popping up and thus bear a heavy influence on today's Praxis.

Technology Edit

  • Skybarges would ferry people to and from the moons, where the ancestors of today's Tsuki no Usako lived.
  • The God Wieland created the Vault of Ages in this era, along with several time-capsules containing knowledge lost to later ages that were left in various places across Praxis.
  • Portals connected Praxis to different worlds. These were more stable than the temporary ones created by spells.

Obscure facts and trivia Edit

  • The Age of Marvels was known as the Age of Dreams. This due to some of the sad truth that some of the ideas the people then envisioned would not come to pass until a later Age of Dreams Realized. The Renaissance has shown promises of being at the start of such.
  • Many of the concepts that would permeate the democracy of Old Heaven in ages after were conceived herein.
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