Aerdayasêr of Ishfell-Saerti is the firstborn child of Lady Eiraiha and Lord Antimony of Ishfell-Saerti, born during the early Renaissance and possessed of a fairly complex destiny. In part this is due to the fact that he found his 'fated mates' almost instantly, though it took some time for confirmation by Amoris to take place. The Saerti-clan though holds that he rolled out of his mother's womb and into Rukia, Emmy and Metala's waiting arms, though in fact his great-grandmother Balase delivered him into this world.

Childhood Edit

Growing up, he did suffer some trauma when a mad Naga kidnapped him at the behest of Nephriel, lord of the Nephyrum. Rukia, Emmy and Metala saved him, though they nearly got lost in time as a result of that. Afterwards, they began tutoring him and made his childhood wonderful. One of his dearest friends is his other cousin Nelfi, though she doesn't appreciate his habit of licking her eyestalks. As a child, Aered loved to drink milk, though he'd always claim Eihy-milk to be the best there ever was. Additionally, he found his first priestess during a show an' tell where his girls brought him. Dandelion Ketsner would be his first school-based teacher, though she had to be warded against his random edicts on the lines of: "The Lord sayeth: I need a nappy." which caused her no end of trouble until Lady Eiraiha stepped in.

Adulthood Edit

Aered would wed very early in life, but received a major disappointment when it was discovered that he had been born to be the God of Stellar Exploration. A dominion which Praxis, in its current state of technology could not foster. Hence, he became a teacher of young Celestials, like his wives. Along the way, he became a big brother for Demara Alyssum and their similarly young cousin Mysteryse. Nearly twelve centuries old, he became an integral part of a young and unusual Ushi-Oni's life. Iris was a fate-sent gift in that regard, as she shares her uncle Aered's love of technology. Aerdayasêr and his family would spend a great deal of time exploring and repairing an ancient star-ship which had brought his grandparents and paternal aunt to Praxis. Most recently, he is the father of four cute babies: Mihoni, Solsêr, Sêrune and Sêrvæsi. Aosagi Mi-Fi and Natty have become his nieces through adoption.

Trivia Edit

  • Aerdayasêr has a knack for scientific research and middling skills in magic.
  • While he is devoted heart and soul to his wives, his thumbs are on unlimited access to Iris.
  • He tends to forget to take good care of himself if he's working on a prolonged project, foregoing shaving, bathing and eating right, which is why his wives check on him regularly.