Adoption is viewed on Praxis as one of the greatest virtues. Orphans without family are adopted so that they can grow up as responsible adults, though many Mamonme and Celestials aren't shy about adopting boys and marrying them when they come of age. Girls of any species are raised as well as their parents are capable, though species differences might dictate a tutor for some practical issues like learning to fly or handle magic.

Mutual adoption Edit

It is not uncommon, especially amongst Mamonme, for very dear friends to consider mutual adoption. By recognizing one another as sisters (and rarely, as brother and sister) they create a family bond. Though there are legal benefits from this, the main focus of mutual adoption is to explicitly state that the adopters trust each other implicitly.

Lamia and Hydra adoption Edit

A special note has to be made in the case of Lamia's as when two or more of them share an intimate bond and fall for the same man then it is not uncommon for them to join as one into a Hydra.